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Researchers Discover A Way to Simultaneously Desalinate Water, Produce Hydrogen and Treat Wastewater

     I found this article and was instantly intrigued at the idea of doing so much at once.  Researchers from the University of Colorado have found discovered a way to desalinate water while producing hydrogen for energy.  The naval research foundation is very interested in the deisgn research for this wastewater purification system which could revolutionize the futrue.  Naval ships need water desalinated as well as energy to do so created on site.  This hypothesis only took six months to finalize and is currently in the research process with Penn State University as well as the University of Colorado.  Zhiyong Ren and his team have found the way to create drinkable water and hydrogen which can be stored and used all in one process.  If this design is carried out it could possibly change the future of naval operations as well as water processing as a whole.

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