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New Year, Same Baja (Spring 2011)

*** As there were no shop days or CFB this week, this blog will be entirely dedicated to posting the meeting minutes of the week. ***


Minutes (1/27/2011):

- Gave Post Modem Debriefing of Problems During Last Year's Competition.

- Discussed Funding Requests From SA & CFB.

- Discussed Shop Cleanliness.


Minutes (1/20/2011):

- Official shop times will be on Monday and Wednesday. However, we will consider Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday if the need arrises.

- We discussed new fundraising ideas. New suggestions are always welcome.

- The material for the car seat has been donated to us.

- Prototype t-shirt designs are due in by next week's meeting.

- All form for Baja club activation have been turned in.

- Additional funding request from CFB will be handed in next week. Money will be put towards travel expenses and the transmission.

- Market America accounts are being set up for members. We ask all members to please start making their regular online purchases through Market America's portal so Baja recieves a portion of the proceeds. In addition, most purchases through Market America have a cash back bonus for the individual as well. If you are a member and wish to have your own Market America account then please see the Baja Treasurer (Jeremy Davis).

- Staff and member photos have been taken during this week's meeting. If you have not had your photo taken yet and wish to appear on the website then please see the Baja President (Joe Albano) or Secretary (David Harrington) during regular shop times.

- The lotto raffle will be starting up within the next two weeks so all members please bring $5 to the next meeting for start up funds. In addition, if you have not signed up for a time to work the booth please see the Baja Treasurer (Jeremy Davis).

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