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Welding Fever

      These last two weeks have been putting the welder and plasma cutter through their paces. With most of the frame assembled, it has been a busy week welding some of the frame members into place. In addition, when the welder and plasma cutter were not being used on the car we were training our new members on how to operate and maintain the equipment [pic]. With a few hours of practice, they were able to comprehend the fundamentals of using these pieces of equipment [pic]. It will still be a few more hours of seat time before they will be experts, but the class was highly motivated and picked up the basics quickly. Welding fever was even more zealous than we thought as parts of the car were found welded when they were not ready to be placed on. Still with a little cutting and grinding, the problem was relatively easy to fix and progress was not delayed at all.

     We also had a few other jobs that needed to be accomplished while all the welding was going on. Solid stock, many inches thick, needed to be cut so we placed a new blade on the reciprocating saw and let it have at it [video]. It may not have been the fastest tool, but it gave a reliable cut every time. We also had to modify our Solidworks drawings of the frame from last semester as time went on we decided to make minor changes, for the better, along the way [pic]. Finally, we had a gas and brake pedal to make. The pedals were a time consuming process as they had to be cut out and grinded down to size. After that, the pedals were hammered into shape before being mounted on the car [pics].

       We would like to thank everyone who supported Baja during our scratch-off ticket raffle. In addition, we would like to congratulate Wesley Dean as our winner. He will have a good time scratching off $75 worth of scratch-off tickets.


*** Password for video: baja ***


Minutes (2/10/11):

- Treasury Report Given.

- Discussed Price Increase in Hotel Stay Due to Missed Promotion.

- Discussed Car Rear End Production Delay.

- Discussed Unauthorized Welding To Car and Rules on Welding.

- Discussed Suspension Problems.

- Discussed School Paying Advisor Hotel Room Fee.

- Discussed Sangertown Mall Promotion for Baja.

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