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All Power to the Engines

      As you may have guessed from the title, we have been putting a lot of time testing and working on the new Briggs and Stratton 10HP engine. According to official SAE rules we are not allowed to enhance or modify the engine in any way for fairness of competition. However, when the engine arrived, some repair work was inevitable. The first major issue was that the front of case was smashed in a bit from shipping causing the engine's pull cord not to retract. This was fixed by switching the front casing with an identical front casing from an older, but identical engine. The second problem was that the armature gaps were incorrectly spaced. They are suppose to be .008 to .012 in away from the rotating part of the engine, but most were either touching or a little beyond the .012 in guideline. With a little bit of tightening and tweaking they were a quick fix. Once all the repair work was completed, we set out to test the engine by breaking it in. We mounted the engine to a piece of plywood and ran it outside for thirty minutes at a time with time in between to let the engine cool.


     In addition to the engine, more work is needed on the car to make it a rolling chassis by mid- March. The engine cradle was assembled with the tubes internally sanded down to allow the drop members to essentially slide in and out of the frame smoothly when required. The second task was to fabricate the gas and brake pedals. In addition to the pedals themselves, a stop for the gas pedal was also needed to ensure the gas pedal was not overextended. This was all fabricated on top of a pedal box that will later also hold the brake reservoirs for the brake fluid.


     *** This will be the last blog before Spring break, which starts next Saturday. The team looks forward to a well deserved rest before coming back to finish the car on the last quarter stretch of the SUNY IT academic year. ***


     *** As the new version of SUNYIT mailman does not accept attachments, we can not longer post images to these blogs. In addition, the video embedding code no longer works correctly so there will be no videos either. To see images and videos for this semester and this week please go to our website at:


Minutes (2/24/11):

  • Went to Provost Presentation

  • Discussed New Engine Damage From Shipping

  • Stated Brake and Gas Pedals Are Mounted

  • Discussed Shop Door Access for Select Members

  • March Madness Fundraiser Starting Next Week


CFB (2/24/11):

  • SAE Baja Approved $300 in Additional Funding

  • Alternative Energy Club - $300 Additional Funding Request for Windmill Pole

  • Open House - Sat April 2nd - Mandatory Club Attendance

  • Potential Themes for Semi-Formal - Night in Paris, Candyland, and Cirque De Sol - April 15th - Two free tickets per club.

  • Students Needed for Freshman Orientation

  • Gamer's Club - 2GB USB Raffle - $1 ticket $5 armslength

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