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Moral Issues in Mideast Conflict Top World Headlines (blog 1)

Afghan protestors killed several people after a church in the United States burned a Koran. The preacher of the church said that this was strictly the responsibility of the Afghans and not that of his church despite the fact that president Obama had previously lobbied to prevent the burning of the Koran. The newspaper is upset for Obama’s decision to have a military presence in Libya and sees America as a warring country. Obama states he will not stand by and wait for genocide in Libya. They also discuss the trophy shot where solders pose with dead Afghans. They say these photos might not be as immoral as they appear but agrees they are approaching a grey area.

      I can agree with the Afghans being upset about the burning of the Koran. The preacher had no right to do so and it was an awful act regardless of religion. On the other hand it does not justify the killing of innocent people. As for the United States being involved with war/piece keeping efforts worldwide I do feel it is the responsibility of those able to take positive action to do so. There is a limit to this and some countries should be allowed to work out their own problems without outside interference. As for the photos they should not be allowed under any circumstances. It is a violation of the rights of the dead. original text


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