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Nature or Medicine

There was once a case in Africa, where a host of villagers were suffering from malaria. One may think that the villagers may have been fortunate to have a doctor amongst their midst. Unfortunately the doctor had very different views than the villagers.

Though the doctor had a surplus of medicine to treat herself, she decided that it would be best not to treat the villagers who currently were infected with the disease. It makes one wonder if it was right for the doctor to make such a rash decision.

Obviously, the doctor thought it was an excellent idea; due to the fact that the body has a natural way of developing a resistance to diseases. Thus, it was best for the villagers to have that resistance since it was most likely for them to catch the diseases another time; a time that she and her medicine may not be there.

Though her reasoning may be understandable in reference to nature, its very inhumane for a doctor to think as such. So is she right to make her decision based on nature and the long term affects or was it wrong for her not to allow what should have been her natural instincts as a doctor to help.

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