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Blog 2: Hurricane Katrina

My second presentation was on the case study of Hurricane Katrina. Over 75% of New Orleans was flooded when the levees failed during the brutal hurricane. This lead to some finger pointing when investigations began on how they failed. What was found was that designs weren't consistent with standards, and some reports indicated that the levee system was designed to withstand the worst storm that had previously hit the United States with no additional margin of safety. It's the responsibility of the engineers who designed the levee system to adhere to ALL safety standards and to make it known where and when problems can/will occur.

Money is everything. We have been in a recession for years and people want to cut corners on everything in order to save some cash, but there are certain things that this cannot happen with. Public safety must never suffer just to save a few dollars. I'm not saying that's the reason all this happened, but they can be related. We have to make sure we keep everyone safe no matter what the cost. You can't put a price on human life.

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