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Blog 4: Nanotechnology - Recent CNY Happenings

Nanotechnology is the next big thing, and it's happening right in our back yard. Recently here in New York state, a consortium of six universities worked together to deveop a Center for Advanced Technology in the field of Nano Bio-Molecular Information Technology.

The six institutions are: SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Oneonta, SUNY IT, New York University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Activities included the overall organization of the "incubator," collaborative research projects, development of course work, high school education programs, and a commercial start-up program.

The project was successfully completed in two years (Sept. 2006 - Sept. 2008), and some of the major accomplishments included two labs developed, seven B.S. degree level courses developed, and nine Central NY industries identified for future collaborative projects in this field. A number of publications, journals, and conferences have also been part of the outcome of this project.

The biggest boon for this field is the recent developments in the College of Nanoscale Science & Technology in the University at Albany. Over the past few years they have been recieving gifts, grants, and partnerships to build new centers, develop new programs, and create education and job opportunities. You can check out the history of this school and past major events through their website:

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