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Profesionalsim in the workplace HW #2

Asking someone for a letter of reference is always a interesting subject. It often leads you to talk to previous employers, old colleges and past professors. When you ask you never really know what you are going to get from them. Some may write excellent letters and some not so excellent. What do you do if someone says that they aren't comfortable writing one for you because of your past performances, is it different if it is because of your beliefs? The student in this article was denied a letter of reference from her professor because of her religious beliefs against evolution. In response to this she is sewing the school even tho under the professors policies it states that he will not be a reference for anyone who does not acknowledge evolution.  I don't think that anyone ever has the obligation to write someone a letter of reference and that it is respectful to decline the request then to write a negative one even if it is true.


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