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Australia Considers What May Be Toughest Cigarette-Packaging Laws in the World

In Australia, there's a conflict brewing that may result in requiring cigarette packages to primarily display graphic images of various tobacco victims. If this legislation passes, Australia will have the toughest cigarette laws in the world. All of these packages would be a dull olive green color, and display nothing beside the health warning, accompanied by the manufacturer's name in small print. Advocates say that the ends would be justified because of the massive cost, both monetary and human of widespread tobacco use. Because of this, tobacco companies realize that this plain packaging has "enormous potential" of cutting smoking rates. They also fear that the passing of the legislation will more effectively send a message to the rest of the world, where 5 million people per year die due to their addiction of tobacco. If plain packaging does indeed become the policy in Australia, it is likely to be adopted by the rest of the world.


Article From: Ethics Newsline: Aprill 11

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