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The death of Osama


So I was at the gym this morning and it was about 7am and I got real pumped up when I saw that Osama had been killed. The joy I felt however was short lived when I started seeing clips on the different ways that the Obama regime felt they deserved the credit for Osama's death. This made me laugh so I quickly changed the channel to Fox news when the true story was being covered. I think its funny how naive some people are to forget that Bush had been perusing Osama for twice the amount of time that Obama was, but people still give all the credit the current president who hasn't accomplished squat. He has been pulling troops out of the middle east making areas in Afghanistan more unstable than ever. If it wasn't for our highly trained Navy seals receiving intel from groups so far detached from Obamas choke hold on our country, Osama would still be alive right now. I'm willing to bet that I herd about the death of Osama before Obama even got out of bed this morning.

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