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Doing the Right Thing?


The article "Doing the Right Thing Isn’t Automatic, Contends New York Times Writer" says that we always say we would do the right thing, but in reality we might not do the right thing in certain situations.

Some people may have differing ideas of what is "right" and what is "wrong". But there are certain beliefs, or morals that are pretty much universal for humans.

We're not discussing whether or not a person believes something is right or wrong. This discussion is about not doing what you (and most other people) believe is the right thing. It's not always easy to blow the whistle on respected people. A lot of things must go through your mind in an uncomfortable situation. "It's his word against mine. What if they don't believe me?" Or what if you do the right thing and tell authorities and then they cover it up? How far are you supposed to go when your job and reputation are on the line? And are you willing to put someone else's job, reputation, and freedom on the line? If you are sure the person did something wrong, then this may be an easy decision. But what if someone tells you that your friend did something wrong and you don't know if they are telling the truth?

I guess the point is it's easy to look at a situation and say "he should've done something", but it's not always that simple when it's you faced with a situation. Maybe sometimes instead of automatically saying you would have done something different, you should actually think about it and try to put yourself in their shoes mentally. Maybe this could help prepare you in case you happen to find yourself in a similar situation. Maybe then you could actually do the right thing instead of living with regret.

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