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Ethics Controversy Crackles in World of Sports Reporting

This article raises an ethics debate, revolving around two media outlets that did not turn over to authorities an audiotape relating to the sexual abuse claims against a Syracuse University assistant basketball coach.  Identified on the tape is the wife of assistant coach Bernie Fine, telling a man who accused Fine of molesting him that she knew “everything that went on”.  Sports network ESPN and the Syracuse Post-Standard reportedly was given the tape years ago but did not follow up because, they said, there was a lack of proof.  Fine has since been fired, but denies the allegations.     

The issue at hand is whether journalist should share knowledge with police.  Unless there is supportive evidence I don’t feel they should.  What if the story is completely false and it comes out; something as major as this will ruin someone’s life and reputation even if the story is not true.  Even if this were to be investigated by police, somehow the story would leak to the press.

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