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Technology Raises Emerging Ethical Issues

There is debate over the government using license plate readers to track vehicles throughout the country.  In the nations capital there is more than one plate reading camera per square mile. Many feel that this is an invasion of privacy and that the government needs a warrant to to track people's movement.   Why does it matter if a plate reader scans your license plate while you are driving?  Unless you have a warrant out for your arrest, you shouldn't care one bit.  The idea behind the plate reader is to capture criminals and people who have done something wrong.  On major highways there are electronic signs that give warnings on local weather conditions and help in the aid of finding vehicles involved in criminal activities.  Over the summer I was traveling on I-81 south through Pennsylvania and there was a message giving vehicle information on a vehicle that contained an abducted child.  If that vehicle drove through a place that had a plate reader, that child would have stood a great chance of being rescued (I have no idea of the outcome as it was through two states).  People need to stop worrying about the government watching you, they are not going too bother you unless you are doing something illegal. Link:

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