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Funny Honey?


You know that cute little plastic bear filled with honey at the store? Where does it come from? Some states produce domestic honey and some is imported from India. China is a huge producer of honey but the increadably low price drives out competetors. Fortunately the Dutch Gold honey company doesn't buy from China.

China always had bids to sell to Dutch Gold. All of the sudden China stopped bidding and they recieved bids from China's neigbours Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Ductch Gold studied the honey and found pollen from Chinese flowers. So the Chinese must have sold it to Dutch through Indonesia. Since they were caught there has been no pollen in the honey from the sources in question. But Dutch Gold suspects China has filtered the honey then mix it with Inia's raw honey.

This is an unethical tactic by the Chineese producers as they are filtering the honey to hid its origin, not to mention they are not in a free market and don't sell at proper prices (they sell at artificially low prices). The Indian producers buying honey from China to sell to Dutch gold are acting unethically by helping move the product.


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