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Returning Cash

Commenting on "Elderly Man Returns — with Interest — Cash he Stole from Seattle Store More than 60 Years Ago" from webpage

A man stole $20-$30 in the 1940s from the drawer of a Sears store in Seattle.  Now, more than 60 years later he returns $100 to the store in an envelope. 

The article said he returned the money with interest.  I'm not going to do the math, but I think with interest, a loan for $30 over 60 years would probably end up costing more than $100.  This guy probably just wants to clear his conscience before he dies.

The article relates this story to a story of lost money in Pittsburgh.  $100,000 fell out of a courier van onto the street.  Police are hoping that who ever found the money will return it.  The last quote is a bit ironic “Chances are, if somebody finds money and is inclined to return it, they’re going to do it immediately.” says Aine Donovan, director of the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth College.  That was not the case with the old man in Seattle.

Somehow this article is making the man who stole money from a drawer look better than a person who found money on the street.

Maybe the person who found the $100,00 will return it in 60 years.

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