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Panel Hears Horror Stories as Celebrities & Others Turn Tables on Tabloids.

In November of 2011 a British tabloid hacked into a smart phone of a British actress.  There was so much scrutiny that the tabloid was shut down, as a caution to others.  With the celebrities always being under the spotlight it is hard for them to have any private time, and when they do it usually ends poorly.  So where is the line that should not be crossed?   Is your phone something that should be hacked?  Knowing that you are in the public eye you should do everything in you power not to do things that are stupid.  But the question is should the tabloids hack a smart phone and the answer is NO!  They have no right to break the law to gain access into even more of your personal life.  That is your personal device and should be kept to yourself, but you should be careful what you have on your phone in the event it becomes lost or stolen.


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