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"Owner of Restaurant in China Says Unethical Customers are not Allowed" - Ethics Newsline


In this article it descibes the feelings of a restaurant owner named Li in China on his customers. He feels that his customers should be ethical and have good morales. Some of the things that Li views as unethical is bringing mistrisses, not treating parents properly and not using public money properly. Something that this owner realizes to is that it it is hard to try to filter out people that go into his restaurant. One other thing is that this owner does not care about the money he may lose in the process of filtering his potential customers.

My opinion

I would have to disagree with the restaurant owners views. It may be nice to have decent and honest customers but you will be losing money by filtering out customers. If you are running your own business the whole point is to make money and have your place stay financially stable. By cutting out customers it may hurt how successful your business is.

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