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"In Reversal of Roles, China Goes After Apple for Alleged Trademark Infringement" - Ethics Newsline


A company named Proview in China is going after the company Apple over the iPad. This is because Proview feels that Apple had violated an agreement that the two companies had. According to Proview they feel Apple violated the licensing agreement that was made because the iPad name was only supposed to be marketed in Taiwan and not in China. Also Apple is claiming they used the name iPad first. Proview is having a court order made that will put a stop to marketing the iPad in China.

My opinion

I feel that somebody was not doing their job and a loophole was found or licensing agreements were not followed closely letting this situation to occur. Personally I have never heard of Proview but in my opinion Apple is professional and obey business agreements, and laws. To resolve this issue regardless of who had the name first maybe each company should give each other some money off the name iPad and then they would not have to worry about any licensing agreements.

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