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California Doctor is Charged with Murder in “Pill-Pushers” Case - Ethics Newsline


In California Dr. Hsiu Ying has been charged for prescribing pills to patients. This Dr. was charged because she has been linked to three fatal overdoses and it seems she was recklessly writing prescription for the pills that people can easily overdose on. The prescriptions written were typically for Oxycontin and Xanax. This case shows an example of a doctor getting rich while the patient dies. Dr. Hsiu Ying has a $3 million bail and has not entered a formal plea yet.

My opinion

In my opinion it is not ethical for a doctor to just write a prescription for drugs for a couple reasons. It makes it hard for the people that need certain drugs to get them. Also when people do get their hands on these drugs they do not know how to use them which causes physical problems for them and sometimes death. I feel there should be a tighter restriction on who gets what drugs or pills. When a doctor starts having patients die that is one patient to many and for this case there is obviously an issue if 3 have died.

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