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George Zimmerman's lack of ethics

The article "Killing Brings Renewed Ethical Focus on 'Stand Your Ground' Laws" available at the ethics of self defense.

The article above discusses several factors from the Trayvon Martin case that is currently in the media since the shooting death of the 17 year old boy on February 26, 2012. While there are many differing opinions of what happened and what should be done, there are several undisputable things about the case that has recently gripped the nation. First, George Zimmerman, the alleged assailant, was told to stop following the 17 year old boy by the Police Department Dispatch Officer, but did not. Then Zimmerman got out of his vehicle and manipulated his way into a confrontation. However things started doesn’t matter now, because the end result is that young Trayvon Martin is now dead. Whether or not one supports Second Amendment Rights also has little bearing in this case. The ethical factors of this case point out that Zimmerman, a 28 year old self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, made several bad decisions that led up to the death of a child. Had he remained in his vehicle and listened to dispatchers, we would not even be discussing the different aspects of this incident. From my ethical stand point, Zimmerman is a fool. He saw himself as “The Authority”; he didn’t listen to actual authorities; he escalated a confrontation that resulted in a murdered a child; He should be incarcerated and left to fend for himself amongst “Ordinary Decent Criminals”.

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