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Business-Ethics News Focuses on Moral Issues (Ethics Newsline)

Description from Story: Yet another development in the Goldman Sachs resignation; Apple to improve conditions at Chinese plants, but workers fear they may suffer financially; company with long record of responsiveness to ethical and environmental issues seems to be gaining no benefit from its actions; ethicist weighs in on whether it’s right for companies to offer incentives for healthy behavior.

Opinion: After reading this article it makes me feel as though Apple is not the company they appear to be. After reading the short article it seems to me that the workers rely on overtime wages and extremely long hours to make ends meet. This is a clue to that they are not getting paid enough during regular wages and rely on the overtime to get by. It seems to me that Apple which is one of the most successful company with very popular products, a good reputation, and a lot of revenue should be able to afford to pay their workers fairly and at the same time not over work them. 

Ethically that is not right because of the amount of revenue that Apple brings in it is not like they couldn't afford to treat their employees fairly but choose to do so, that way they can have the largest profit margins. To me Apple always advertise to be a different company and a friendly company but after reading this article it makes me think, is it all a cover up and are they like every other greedy large corporation?

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