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New Orleans Saints Bounty System

In the beginning of March it was made public that the coaching staff and select players of the New Orleans Saints a professional football team in the NFL had created a bounty system with different types of rewards including cash for injuring opposing players. The head coach and defense coordinator of the Saints have had to deal with the harshest punishments so far.

This is extremely unethically and morally wrong, the game of football is for enjoyment for both the viewers and the players. No one should want to personally injure another person let alone get a reward for doing so. Rather than just receive punishments from the NFL I believe the players and coaches involved should receive criminal charges as well because it was premeditated with plans and intentions of injury which is assault. It is one thing for an injury to occur during a regular play but if the play is designed to hurt someone and it was pre-planned the in my eyes that should be considered a crime.


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