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Ethicists Worry About Media Assuming Forensic Role in Examination of Evidence in Trayvon Martin Case

There have been a few incidents surrounding the Trayvon Martin Case.

In this case, the media has been misleading the public (not neccessarily intentionally) but confusing none-the-less. First off, airing enhanced tapes by some media, is offering "evidence" to the public despite police officials stating that evidence is inconlusive or under investigation. This has been confusing the public as "evidence" is now suspect.

In addition, NBC news shared an edited 911 call that may have misled the public and inflamed racial tensions. They claim it was a mistake, but the damage is done. While the producer was fired, this mistake may have long reprocussions.

These incidents serve to show the ethical issues with news reporting. Slight mistakes can lead to problems and mistakes happen. If better care is not shown in how the media presents information, the public can easily be drawn to the wrong conclusions. Media has an ethical obligation to provide accurate, correct information. Simple mistakes and misrepresentations can have terrible consequences.

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