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California lawyer sues over son’s cheating penalty

I gotta say this is not surprising in today's world. Kid's cheat all the time on standardized tests. I find it funny that this lawyer would sue for his son's sake and not look at the underlying issue here. He's just angry that his son got kicked out of this prestigous honors class and he's trying to save face. He fails to see the underlying issue here. The reason why his son got kicked out is honors students shouldn't have to cheat in the first place, no one should have to cheat on a test or at anything. This kid obviously didn't belong in this class because he wasn't respecting the teachers, the class, or himself. Instead this guy decided that he would take the easier way out and just cheat. This is something that really bothers me, especially in younger teens. Cheating isn't going to help you in life, if anything it will come back to you at the worst time and show you that you learned nothing.


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