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The Campaigner’s Dilemma: Me Vs. Us

During the recent debates there have been some issues arising in calling their opponents "liars". Obama supporters point to Romney’s tax-cut proposals as an example of a policy move they say would harm America. While, Romney supporters point to so-called Obamacare as an example of a disastrous policy one that, they say, must be repealed. On the one hand, it is right to point out my opponent’s falsehoods and to do so in a compelling way. If I am to win and govern, I must hit as hard as necessary. On the other hand, it is right to adopt a less aggressive stance. Is there a grain of truth for me to stop short of calling my opponent a “liar” (a strong accusation). As people, we rely on self-rule, and this requires a citizenry with at least an amount of trust in its political leaders. Each time I run an ad calling my opponent a liar reinforces that current epidemic of mistrust. So do you believe that showing your opponents lies and problems will win your vote? With doing this a distraction to hide the truths?

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