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Lying Is Bad... For Your Health

Parents are always telling their kids lying is bad, now they can tell them lying is bad for their health also. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame conducted a survey and found that lying is bad for your health. The study found that lying releases hormones that can increase heart and respiratory rates and increase overall tension. They did a test where one group have to lie for 10 weeks and the other group have to not lie for 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, they found the non-liars to have better health. To me, this could mean that lying is bad for your health or that honesty is good for your health. Honesty is good but don't be too honest, like you're not going to honestly tell your boss that you hate him. I'm pretty sure losing your job and living in the streets because you don't have a job to pay your rent is bad for your health too.

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