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"Genes Now Tell Doctors Secrets They Can’t Utter"

Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan found that one of his patients had cancer through studying the man's genes.  He also found some of the virus that causes AIDS.  However, Dr. Chinnaiyan is unable to inform the patient about his findings because the male patient donated his cells on the condition that he stays anonymous.  This issue is occruing all over the world according to Dr. Francis Collins.  People are donating their genes to find out certain things about themselves, but they aren't allowing the doctors to release the information to them or their families.  This becomes an ethical issue when a doctor finds something that is potentially life threatening, but they are unable to inform the patient or the patients family.  In some of these cases they find sicknesses that are heriditary like breast cancer, but aren't allowed to tell anyone that it will affect.

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