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Video of Vicious Taunting of 68-Year-Old Bus Attendant Goes Viral

This article dates back to the end of June 2012. When I came across it in the ethics section, I was kind of excited to read about it. This event occured out near Rochester, and I can remember hearing about all the way in my hometown east of Albany. In this event, school studnets viciously bullied a 68 year old bus attendednt. This article shows a lot of unethical behavior, firstly by the students who did the bullyiing, and also by those who sent death threats to the students. It is pretty crazy to see our youth acting in this manner and it was very unethical of them to do this. I also thought it was pretty amazing that a fundraiser to raise money for the attendent was put in place. I think this was a nice gesture by whoever put it in place. The fundraiser was inicially set up to raise a goal of 6,ooo dollars but shortly raised to almost 7 times that much. I just thought it was interesting how this issue went viral, and so many people had problems with the unethical behavior.

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