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More Technology Puts Doctors in Ethical Bind

In the article “More Technology Puts Doctors in Ethical Bind,” Barbara Mannino brings up the issue that doctors are continually being put under increasing pressure to decide between the good of the patient and the cost of their chosen treatments. Mannino points out in one part of her article that doctors shouldn’t have to worry so much about how much a certain test or treatment will cost. The priority should be the best interest of the patients. Unfortunately, with insurance companies these days trying to decide what would be acceptable, doctors are being cut off at the knees in coming up with what is best for their patients. And if all of that weren’t enough, doctors also have to worry about being sued for malpractice.


Speaking first about malpractice, I’m sure in their original form, had a foundation in equity and fairness. Nowadays it seems they, like many things in this society, are abused and taken far out of context for what they were originally intended. In regards to doctors having to choose what is best for a patient and have to try and balance what is cost effective, I think it is truly unfortunate that this should even be an issue.  If people are sick, they should get whatever treatment is available to make them better, no matter the cost. The fact that business and costs are deciding factor as to whether someone gets better or not is appalling.

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