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Ethics Newsline #1 (Professionalism)

Today I chose to blog about the article "Rethinking Privacy: A Tale of Two Technology" by the Newsline editor, Carl Hausman. Basically, the author discussed the future of news, where print is today, and how search engine technology has redefined privacy and advertisement. The story is located at the page:

He is very true in saying that if you want to buy something, almost everyone goes to google and searches there for there product. Nobody wants to rifle through a newspaper, magazine, or catalog anymore. This is the age of technology, we want everything we need instantly. Even for food, if it takes longer than a minute, it is way too long for us. This is why the fast food industry is thriving. Why waste time trying to find information, when it is available instantly online.

He also going into fairness in the advertising on google. The little sponsered ads on the right side when you search can be deemed possibly unfair to smaller companies. Whatever you search, those key words are auctioned off to the highest bidder, so that they can post their ad right in front of you. Most of the time I never use the sponsored links, but I'm sure some people do. Is it unfair? Maybe, but in a world where money can buy almost anything it will almost always happen. Google is a business, and those auctions help to pay for our wonderful, instant searches.

Another topic discussed is privacy from searches. Every search you conduct on google is usable data for them. This is a very touchy topic in our modern age. Do we want someone tracking our every move? For some people, not so much. I can even see this happening. As an avid Jeep enthusiast, I search for forum posts, parts, and other Jeep related things. Now when I pop open google, on my right sponsered ads is littered with Jeep related ads and pages. Not that this is a bad thing, but it just goes to show how much valuable information I gave google by just searching terms.

Until Next Week,

-Brandon Moore

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