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Conserve Energy During Dark Green Days

Your campus needs you!  Turn everything OFF for


Fridays in April

Noon - 3pm

During peak usage hours each Friday in April, all members of the SUNYIT campus community will deliberately focus on minimizing our consumption of energy and reducing wasteful behaviors.

  • TURN OFF unnecessary lighting and electronics not in use
  • UNPLUG chargers and unused devices
  • Fridays Noon - 3pm


We are now in the first week of our Campus Conservation Nationals residence hall energy and water conservation competition.  Ask a Resident Advisor or Hall Director for ways you can help.  Personal conservation commitments and info about SUNYIT's buildings can be seen at SUNYIT's BuildingDashboard page


Top 5 Ways to Conserve Energy & Money

1 Turn off the lights whenever room is unoccupied

2 Put computers to sleep (or shutdown) for periods of inactivity

3 Turn off monitors, printers, speakers when not in use

4 Unplug mobile phone chargers from the wall

5 Launder only full loads with cold water


Join us for our next Green Team meeting on Monday April 8, 2013 @ 1:00pm in Donovan G104.  All are welcome!  See meeting agenda here.




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