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Ethics Blog #4 for Professionalism

For my fourth installment of Ethical Blogging, I am going to review a story on the newsline that really rattled me. The article is called "Be Kind" and can be found at the following page:


When I first read this I was appalled! It is the story of an 89 year old woman, Margaret Smith, whose ice cream stop led to a series of horrific events. Two young girls approached her for a ride across town, and being the good hearted citizen she is, she agreed to help these girls. These girls then stole her keys and stuffed her into the trunk of her own car! The girls and their three friends that later joined them then ditched poor Margaret at a remote cemetary where luckily she was found by a bystander.

First of all, this is immoral treatment of anyone, regardless of age. But an elderly person? These teens should be ashamed of themselves! If I were the judge, I'd throw the book at them! What happened to respecting your elders and treating others with the same respect you would want yourself? These are core values that were drilled into our heads throughout the K-12 education. 

It's teens like these that are giving their generation a bad name and creating a negative mindset toward their age group as a whole. When I was a kid, my parents were the authority. If they said no it was the end of the discussion, there wasn't any questioning about it. In current times, I'm starting to see a lesser respect toward parents' authority and even a lesser moral conduct as a whole in the younger generation.

I sincerly hope for a positive change, or it's going to be frightening to see one of these delinquents running the show when I retire.

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