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Earth Day Activities

On Monday, April 22, the campus sustainability task force will present "Climate Reality: An Engineering Challenge" with guest speaker James A. D’Aloisio, an engineer who has written extensively on the relationship between building structures and sustainability. This is a great opportunity for students to reconize whats going on with the world if they dont already know. I think its a very good instructional thing that the school is putting on.

On Tuesday, April 23, faculty will present "Global Warming and What You Can Do," a day-long exploration of environmental issues featuring films and discussion from noon-6 p.m. in Kunsela Lecture Hall. This is another great opportunity for the students, this is a very interesting topic that I care about and I will attend to better my knowledge.

On Wednesday, April 24, the campus will conduct a "Whole Building Waste Audit" with the help of staff from the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority. Trash and recycled items from Kunsela Hall will be sorted, weighed and evaluated. Weather permitting, this event will take place outdoors between Kunsela and Donovan Halls. Yet another great neat opportunity for the students, that most schools dont normally present information on.

All cool great ways to interact with the students and to help them learn something new and interesting.

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