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The Dilemma Of Protecting Us From Ourselves

Reading this article hooked me right off the bat due to its familiarity of non-sense this state exhibits these days. There  is so much i want to say and express on this topic but it will only give me anxiety without any relief of on a week day, so for my health,  i have just decided to answer the three questions the author leaves at the end of the article. When considering the question, "Is this truly a right-vs.-right dilemma (individual vs. community) or is it a right-vs.-wrong temptation (to raise revenue for example)?", it is obvious that the latter is the case. You can be naive and say the city of New York actually cares about your life all you want to, but if you actually look at the facts you may realize that this is just another way to make money to then spend it ( aka "cashflow"). For example, solid evidence in the article states that on red lights with the camera mounted, the yellow light is 15% shorter than other lights and even the actual city standards for traffic light duration. If that's not enough, they also claim how these lights made $235 million in the past five years and that Bloomberg has approved 225 more to be installed, "...but insists safety is the point — not cash.” Bulls**t. Funny how McCarthy claims that the actual idea is to generate "zero" revenue. In modern day business, how hard do you think it would be to get a proposal approved that creates "zero" revenue that probably costs well over a million (?) dollars to create. Sorry, that's not normal and not how our state normally works...its mind blowing to me how stupid our state and government thinks some of us really are. Second question, "Would weighing the pros and cons of each option (camera or alternative) produce a choice that is the “greatest good for the greatest number”? I think if this is way you have to play, then yes this democratic kind of question should be handled by citizens representing other citizens for a greater good. If it was up to me, those cameras would never go up and i would tell new york to find another vain to suck from even as i live upstate and it doesn't apply to me and my commutes. And lastly, "Which choice (camera or alternative) lines up with our highest moral obligation or duty as citizens? Which choice would I want the government to make if I put myself in the place of the recipient of the proposed action? I believe an alternative to a camera is a much better choice. Not every lesson learned on this earth is through punishment or mandation. I guess you know where i would stand on the second part of that question.  

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