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So I understand that Basketball players would be upset with there caach for blurting out racial and homophobic slurs as part of his coaching meathod, but as far as abuse, I think these players are going a little overboard. I understand its a basketball team and its not the most physical sport in the world, but are you realy gonna cry about your coach throwing a ball at you or shuving you durring practice? I mean Any of the contact I saw on the video wasnt any more physical then what you would see in a rough game. I understan that the coach should be punished, but to fire him and ask school officials to resign over the incident is a little harsh if you ask me. Of course since the parents of half the basketball team probably have more money than the school officials I can see how they would blow the whole thing out of proportion to baby there kids even after they are out of the house and in college.

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