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"Majority In U.S. Want Wealth More Evenly Distributed"


In this article they explain that three quarters of americans think money is not evenly distributed.  Eight out of ten Democrats say money should be evenly distributed and as of right now its not fair.  The main problem is that they dont know who it is addressed to or what is responsible for this distribution of money and wealth in American society or who should be responsible for changing it.  After finding that 52% of americans think that the government should redistribute wealth by "heavy" taxes on the rich, I also agree with that.

It doesnt seem fair to put heavy taxes on the poor because after awhile, they will end up on the streets with nothing.  But if they taxed the rich heavier it could make the economy and society a much better place.  It seems that the rich people have a  more steady and stable life rather then someone who doesnt make a high salary.  It may seem unfair to the rich but overall they can help a lot of people and the economy.  Overall it doesnt seem fair how the taxes are distributed and I personally think that the rich should be taxed higher based on their income and the poor should be taxed based off there salary.

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