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CTC 301 Blog - A Graphic Reminder

After reading this post about the debate on what is ethical and what is not ethical when posting pictures that may have graphic material in them, such as ones taken at the Boston Marathon, my opinion has not changed on what is ethical reguarding this subject.  I do not think that it is ok to post graphic pictures such as ones that have been posted after the bombings at the marathon.  Not only are some people not able to look at things that are graphic because it sickens them but it is not right to put the people who were actually at the event and lived through the awful experience in a position where they might see the pictures and not be able to handle reliving it.  Also it may anger ther people who are in the pictures because everyone who sees them will see what has happened to them and it may also make the people in the pictures very uncomfortable having to see those images again after seeing them in real life already.  These type of photos should not be made public for any type of event that may happen similar to this.

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