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Linux stuff...

For those of you who don't know, I'm a Linux user. Specifically, I use Gentoo Linux. I love using it as an OS and it's quite the educational experience, but it can be a pain at times. Anyway, my computer serves two purposes. 1) Daily computing activities and 2) Experimenting to my hearts content. #2 is what brings me to some ranting…

Quite some time ago I bought a Compro TV tuner card in hopes that I could get it working in Linux eventually, despite the fact that doing so was not very well documented compared to some of the better known (and expensive) cards. I've mostly given up on this. I finally got it to work in tvtime not too long ago, but I still am unable to get audio working in MythTV. This means that I can't take advantage of some of the card's other features, such as recording. Not to mention, I don't think I have much of a chance of ever getting the remote working. I'm going to fiddle with it for a little while longer, and then just buy a newer, better supported card if it's still not working. If anything, this is a good lesson in how being cheap is not always a good thing.


Fortunately, that TV tuner card has been the majority of my problems with Gentoo, and everything else has worked very well. Either way, though, experimenting takes its toll and its time to clean everything up.


For a little I've been slowly working on "cleaning" everything in this computer. I uninstalled Windows when I got tvtime working (had no purpose to dual boot at that point) and repartitioned and reorganized everything. I also cleaned out all of the software packages that I no longer use, since I had installed a ton of things just to see what cool things I could do with them. Then, a couple of days ago, I upgraded gcc from version 3.4.6 to version 4.1.1 and proceeded to follow the instructions to recompile all of the packages on my system with the new version of the compiler. I'm not sure this was such a great idea, since things are already breaking and it's only halfway done. Good thing I made backups. Once that's taken care of I'm going to completely redo some of my configurations (especially Apache), and finally get started on the new (PHP) version of my website. When everything's done, it should be pretty nice.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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