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My Winter Break (Part 3)

My Winter Break Part 3 (Dec 26-Dec 31)

The week between Christmas and New Years was rather uneventful. I work most of the week at Wegmans during the days and got caught up on free lance work in the evenings. New Years Eve was spent with a group of close friends. We had a small party where we played board games and enjoyed a few cocktails. Around 11:30 we all made our way to the TV to prepare for the ball drop in NYC. After Midnight the party broke up and decided to pull an all-nighter because I needed to be up at the airport at 4-4:30 for my 6:00 flight to Florida. Like I said at the beginning of this post it was a rather uneventful week, with the exception of New Years Eve. In my next post I will talk about my trip to Florida and have some more pictures


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