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Spring Break

Spring break is here. I am not doing anything exciting though. I thought about going to florida to see my folks again, but I just went in January and decided to buy the laptop instead. Depending on where i end up working after graduation I may go down and visit after the semester is over. I will just be hanging around Syracuse.

Spring break is here which marks the half-way point of my final semester. I had two midterms this week and one project due. My midterms went well and I got the project done in time. Although it is spring break I will have some work to do. I have a couple of papers to write. One is for my Film Direction:Alfred Hitchcock class and the other is for a CIT conference that one of my professors has asked myself and another student to speak at with her. The conference is in May, but we need to get the paper done by early April.

Sorry i have no pictures for this post. I will try to post over break. Until then, Corey

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