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The case of the missing tux? And other stuff...

I just noticed that the tux picture on my blog has gone missing. Devastating, I know. I'm afraid I may have accidentally deleted it. Anyway, I'll fix it sometime.

This time of the year is the time of hecticness (i.e. finals) and cool events!

On Saturday Corey and I did a web workshop. The turnout was low, but that's OK. I think it went decently even so.

Tonight, I went to Recycled Percussion's performance in the gym. CAB (Campus Activities Board) has them come to SUNYIT every year and they're always amazing. I'm a little biased, however, since I'm an ex-band geek.

This Friday is the Spring Formal. I'm not much for anything that has the word "formal" in it, but it was good last year and hopefully will be this year as well.

Then, on Saturday, all sorts of things will be going on! Carnival Day, Wildcat Media's Rock & Roar, and the ResLife Luau. It should be a good day.

I'll post an update on how everything went next week.

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