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Freshmen Orientation

This past week was freshmen orientation for the class of 2011. I was one of the Orientation Advisors (OAs) this year. All of the other OAs, arrived Tuesday evening for dinner, schedules, and some teamwork activities. On Wednesday, we all helped set up during the day and then checked people in that evening. On Thursday, I helped escort freshmen to their placement tests, sat on the student panel, and manned the Mohawk ResLife office for the afternoon. In the evening, a comedian / motivational speaker came – he was great, I think. Then, on Friday, I participated in the Wildcat Media wake-up call (yes, that was me and Eric with the air horn at 7am), sat on the parent panel, and helped check people out.

Overall, I had a good time and it sounded like the students and parents enjoyed it as well.

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