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Time to start blogging!

I figure I should start blogging, might be fun.

Summer plans?

Well, I spent a week visiting my family in Florida. It was nice to see them, but I definitely don't miss living there. Something about 95 degree weather and 60%+ humidity turns me away. Glad to be back in NY.

I'm working here, quite literally, helping out with the sunyit website and related things. I'm also a summer RA. So far I'm really liking both jobs.

I've also got my own set of projects that I'd like to finish before the semester starts. Currently, I'm trying to get my TV Tuner card working in Gentoo. If I can get it working, I won't have to use Windows anymore on that PC :-D. I'm pretty sure that this has been the most painful process I have ever experienced in Linux - seriously. I'm determined to get it working though (and determined to not go and spend money on a different one).

Anyway, till later,

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